Viber is the most brilliant social network service that is mainly found over a teenager’s mobile phone. This application is tremendously gaining popularity among the teenagers as it’s free to install and download. Perhaps, parents of teenagers who are not very technology savvy, probably not be familiar with this wondrous Instant Messaging app. Well, what makes it audience pleasing is the free call function that it caters which is viable with the good connection to the internet. It’s available across many platforms viz. Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone etc. This application aid you with an in-use text message and Voice over IP features for mobile phones which has been created by the Viber Media.

With the instant messenger chat, one may also share the multimedia files like images, videos and the audio files. Parents do get apprehensive about their kids simply because they are always clunged on their mobile phones. Consequently, this article will walk you throughout the essential steps that you have to take in order to keep tabs on your kids. Follow along to be familiar with the countermeasures! – Reasons for Monitoring Viber Text Messages and Calls – First of all, it’s crucial to know whom your kids are communicating with either via text messages or calls. Ensure they are treading on right path.

And it is necessary to keep the children away from the dark side of the internet which includes sexting, adult videos, adult chat and scam. Below listed are the features offered by a spy software through which you can track all the telephone actions of the marked person. Read all the text messages with the date and time stamp. Get acquainted with whom they are talking to by viewing their entire telephone call log that displays the telephone number, date and time of the calls. View all emoticons and stickers – View all pictures shared – View Shared contacts – View Shared Locations – View participants in group chats – View all participant contact names – The viber calls can’t be eavesdrop as this feature is in the pipeline to get implemented soon.

Users on Android and iOS get benefits of using Viber Spying application. This application is very powerful and can cause messaging application being tracked, though pacquiaovsbradley, the place where viber spying app is distributed. And the Apple lovers require to Jailbreak their iPhones. Once you liberate your respective mobile phones from the clutches of the manufacturer, now it’s time to hand pick the spy software to monitor your target user. With the multiple available software in the online market it becomes expensive to select the one for yourself.

Therefore, here we recommend the best ones for your requirements and needs. How It Works? To start with these applications, you require to buy the spy application and after that download and install it directly on the target users’ smartphone. Each one of this monitoring software can track the viber chats and telephone call logs in the textual format.