These days, it’s simple to purchase a brand new phone. Getting a brand new phone is delightful. Nevertheless, a lot of people might find it not wonderful to transfer WhatsApp messages from one phone to another. Then you will find the options to transport your chat history, calls and contacts from the source phone. Select the Move button and the program will begin to transfer WhatsApp messages to iPhone or vice versa. Hint – This is paid applications. Make certain Universal Serial Bus debugging is turned on when you’re Connecting your Android phone to PC. In case your iPhone cannot be identified by the program, please put in iTunes on Personal Computer first. Please do not disconnect your phones throughout the transfer progress.

Method: Using Email Chat

Step 1: Find Settings in WhatsApp from the old device, click Chat configurations, then click Email chat from the revealing list.

Step 2: Choose the WhatsApp chat history which you want to backup and transfer to the new phone. A dialog box will appear to ask for selecting options. Select the option of with media or without media based on your interests.

Step 3: Type your e-mail number in the sending port and click Send.

Step 4: Log on your e-mail at your new device, you can see your WhatsApp messages e-mail from the new device.

But you cannot sync WhatsApp messages into your WhatsApp application. Hint: This isn’t appropriate for massive transfer. Click Restore, and transport WhatsApp messages out of iPhone to Android will be completed shortly. Same as transport WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone.

It is also recommended to use whatsapp spy if any data is lost. Whatsapp Spy has the ability to recover the data which is stored in the back server, literaturaenpapelhigienico provides it for free. Tip: Uninstall WhatsApp first, then put in WhatsApp on your device. This is actually the only way which WhatsApp is going to restore new messages back up. It is best to transfer whatsapp data via an OTG cable and not wireless option as this will be fast and safe. Transfers through wireless options may result in failed transfers.