BlackBerry Messenger was launched with limited invitations. People needed an invitation from someone who already has the messaging app. The launch of BBM was very limited people needed invitations as well as a BlackBerry Mobile Phone. This mistake has been corrected now, people can install the application without invitations and without a BlackBerry Messenger. Now it is even runs on a Windows Desktop the version at aleppous. BBM was one of the first internet based messaging application. Till date it has over 500 Million Installs on various devices. It has already take a big take on the competition like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger. Both of whom have tried to acquire it. It runs amazingly on BlackBerry Mobile Operating System. Unlike other, BBM has its own security systems to prevent harmful files floating around it. Other messengers protect themselves over the trust of Google Security patches. BBM uses both of these security measures.

Mobile manufactures regularly update their device to make sure it is malware proof and it has no vulnerabilities with it. Android the most used mobile operating system has a lot of bugs. There are hundreds of thousands of people who could break into it using the any android device and steal potential valuable files from it. That is why BlackBerry has its own security system which protects itself if the Google Security fails. It also comes with an offline storage service which lets people view/watch medias when they are offline. They can even send the messages offline which re queued by the app. Once connected to an Internet server they send the messages automatically. It also has the calling feature, messengers can call other people both through internet and through carrier. The Internet means is free while the carrier means is charged. The calls made between can be recorded and saved into a specified location. No recorded call is transferred to BlackBerry or any other service neither any company or service can have access to it.  The person who recorded the call is the only one to have access to it.

There is going to a series of updates for all BlackBerry apps. The updates are released in hopes for growth of audience, brand and revenue. The updates are also targeted to make the apps more simpler and light usage on the system. BBM Music will go through the major update. It will be offering free music in addition to paid music and songs. People can share their BBM Music Purchases with 3 other persons or devices. BBM is also going to introduce new emojis and stickers which is the latest trend in instant text messaging.