Is this the first time you have played a game from Big Fish Developers? I recommend you to play other games of theirs and use a cool game manager to handle all your applications. I enjoy playing Sims 3 and Second life when I can as it requires a lot of things to do. These are complex games intended for people above the age of 19. I play both these games on PC and mobile.

Virtual Families 2 is a game which is the improved version of the previous installment virtual Families game.  With installs of more than 30 million it is the fastest growing mobile game on the planet. In just 24 hours of download it was played on over 2 million devices according to Internationalassociationofwhistleblowers . People from different regions and races enjoy playing this game. The game is designed for people who wish to have a personal family. Players have to raise their kids and even grow themselves in order to complete the game where wealth is an important factor. Players have different acts like house head, making marriage and growing up kids. It is a game which teaches young players about family values which is almost not taught to most young people. Players have to regularly make sure they play the game once in a while else their gameplay could end up or reset.