Violence is not justifiable. There is never a reason to mistreat another person.

Progress and Order(P.O.), through its President and Councilman has supported the creation of a Platform in Defense of Women in the matter of abuse that has been happening continuously and that we are almost used of seeing these abuses in the daily news. As a consequence of this, on May 24 this Platform will be officially presented, at the same time as this initiative will be funded and advised by P.O.

The leaders of this Platform, wants it to be P.O. who is in charge of the advice, defense and training of this new Platform, which without a doubt P.O. He has accepted. Therefore, woman if you have a problem, whatever it may be, do not hesitate to contact the leaders of this Platform, either by email or phone 616 54 99 41 and you can inform yourself in the blog. YOU DO NOT HAVE REASONS TO BE ALONE.

Progreso y Orden(Progress and Order), has prepared 35,000 triptychs denouncing gender violence and claiming the rights to equality for women. These information brochures will be distributed between the months of January, February and March 2018 in the Province.

Also P.O. will begin to advise women’s associations about legislation and Security issues totally free, such as: what to do in case of follow-up, kidnapping, physical aggression, way of acting and above all if she suffers an assault, what steps must be taken.

At the same time, that mid-year will make a demonstration against sexist violence which has already claimed the lives of more than 700 women in Spain in 2017.

Progreso y Orden is continually campaigning against gender violence and we are the only party that defends and advises battered women at no cost. We work so that all citizens become aware of the scourge of domestic violence.

Every 13 seconds a woman is mistreated in the world, according to United Nations data. And at least one in four is a victim of ill-treatment in their own home, according to the WHO. In the 21st century, there is not a single country in which men and women have the same status, nor the same opportunities. Such inequality is the main obstacle to eradicating gender violence. Even Countries like Iceland and Norway who take lead in gender equality, still face inequality.

The abuse of women for decades who fight for equality, and politicians who always talk about equality in their campaigns, but is there really equality? The Answer is a big NO.

Progress and Order lives in the reality of the moment and also because our political objective is based on the defense of the woman and the abused child.

It is demonstrated that the associations help but, do not end with the problem, the problem ends when we enter the City Councils and Governments as we do. We are a Party in constant evolution, and it is the moment where the unity of the women together with our party will give them the strength they need.

We propose that your wife, you join us to together defend your rights, those of all women, as we do, but, obviously it is easier, the more the better.

In Progress and Order, we do not have complexes or renounce anything that belongs to women and we must respond to this situation in the only way we could and should, DEFENDING IT AND MANIFESTING US, for all these reasons, we invite those voices that continually complain, but that few pay attention, help or defend, TO COME WITH US TO CHANGE THIS SITUATION.

If you think the same and believe that you are one of those women who suffer or have suffered this macho violence, or that you want to help, do not hesitate to contact us because we are here to help you. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.


In Spain, the highest number of violations in 10 years is recorded. The state accounts for 3207 abuses of women until September.

Reports of harassment doubled in the last decade and increased by 12% compared to 2016.

Half a million women are currently trapped in trafficking networks in Europe, many of them in Spain, one of the countries with the highest index of sexual exploitation networks, according to the UN. 500,000 women exploited in Europe.

5000 battered in the Province of rejected the protection order in 2017, and the Court figures in more than 4,500 complaints at the end of 2017.

30,000 women suffer abuse but only 8,000 complain. These are the data handled by the Provincial Court and that of course are quite worrying.

Out of every 4 deceased women, only 1 reported.

Each year more than 95,000 children in Latin America and the Caribbean die