Snapchat is one of the most popular video messaging and photo apps. It was launched in 2011. Actually, it is a fun messaging app that allows you to send images and videos as well as share it to your friends by using many options. Now, the snapchat hack  comes with a plenty of amazing features that allow your friends to view the snaps for up to a few seconds. Unlike any other apps, the snapchat is unique in all the videos and photos that last for a certain amount of time before they go forever. It also enables you to save your snaps before sending them to your friends.
At present, this app user can send over 700 million snaps every day. Nowadays, everyone uses a snapchat app, especially attracted a large number of adults and teens. It becomes growing popularity among the teenagers in these days and act as an alternative way of communicating with the followers. However, the specialty of this video messaging app is not only providing fun and fast overview of snapchat, but also offers an interesting look. This is why; the snapchat is more popular among the teenagers specifically at this moment.

How to use snapchat?

In recent days, the snapchat has become huge popular among the users that lets you share video clips or pictures to your friends. One of the greatest twists about this app is able to view for a matter of seconds only. The great thing about snapchat is including a wider selection of humorous editing tools that enables you to send videos or photos to your friends.

Due to its excellent features and emojis, now it becomes one of the most addictive apps than any other app in the play store. Every day, the snapchat users are watching about 8 million videos and also share thousands and thousands of images to their friends. If you want to know how to use snapchat, you just follow the steps given below:

The setup

First, you setup the snapchat name and make sure it is funny. If you want to change the name later, let’s do it. Next, you need to manage your personal information such as name and mobile number in order to contact you. For this, you go to settings-> manage.


Snapchat is a core messaging app that provides a lot of options such as snaps, stories, snap score, screenshot, discover and snap streak.

Snapping 101

The snapchat has three screens available such as first screen for cameras, second screen is stories screen and third one is to apply a filter.

New features of snapchat

One of the major reasons for the growing popularity of snapchat is the availability of excellent new features that include:

  1. Pictures- Allows you send multiple images to your friends
  2. Audio call- Your friend will receive a calling notification on their device
  3. Video call- Lets you video chat with your friends
  4. Stickers- Gives access to 297 cartoon stickers
  5. Auto-advance stories- Allows to play automatically for the next user